How much do mineral rights sell for in the Austin Chalk South Texas?

A lot of factors go into this answer, however, much of the value for minerals and royalties in the Austin Chalk depend on timing and when new wells are going to be drilled and what the price per barrel of oil and price per mcf of natural gas at present time and potentially what it […]


The Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Fracturing

To my readers, the information henceforth is compiled from the resources mentioned in this article including Daniel Brock’s “An Ethical Look at Hydraulic Fracturing” 2014, John Whibey’s “Pros and cons of fracking: 5 key issues” 2015 from the Yale Climate Connections and all the smart people that contributed to the 2014 review, “The Environment Costs […]


How much do mineral rights sell for in the Eagle Ford South Texas?

A lot of factors go into this answer. They might be worth a lot more than you think or they might be worth significantly less. Today, the Eagle Ford is still some of the most sought-after acreage in the U.S. Acreage prices have since come down and stabilized for the most part, albeit, depending on […]


Oil and Gas Fracking Explained

Hey readers! There are scores of information regarding the process of hydraulic fracturing out there so rather than read a bunch of words with pictures about it, we decided to give you one very accurate and informative video from SM Energy to educate you (it’s 4 minutes long). Enjoy! https://youtu.be/T_yfPcX1gG4 If you have any questions […]


How much do mineral rights sell for in the Permian Basin?

As it goes for every sought after investment, a lot of factors go into this answer. They might be worth a lot more than you think or they might be worth significantly less depending on a few basic pieces to the puzzle. Mineral and royalty buyers today are still looking for and paying very good […]


Infographic – Surface, Mineral, Executive & Royalty Rights

These terms are becoming more prevalent in our day and age and starting to gain a lot more attention, especially by venture capitalists and institutional, private, and passive investors looking for a safe place to invest with a minimal amount of risk. These terms are often used in a confusing way and the definitions tend […]


7 Smart Reasons to Sell your Mineral & Royalty Rights

There are any number of reasons why an individual, family, family trust, company, or institution might want/need to divest some or even all their mineral and royalty assets. Here are a few of our own that you can consider:   1. Diversification and Portfolio Restructuring Most every person or entity with mineral and royalty assets […]

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In-House vs. Independent Landman: Which One is Best?

In-House Landmen and women are employed by an oil and gas firm or corporation. They are not allowed to, and do not, receive bonus payments or royalty dividends since their duty is to represent the company they work for. They do all the necessary legwork under the direction and management of the company they represent. […]


Common Oil & Gas Terms

Get your metal lunchboxes and backpacks ready. It’s back to school with Oil and Gas definitions! Also, be sure to check out of FAQ page! There you will find a wealth of information with Q&A’s related to all things minerals and royalties. Abandoned Well-A well that is not being used either because it was a […]

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1031 Exchanges – Deferred Taxes, Anyone?

One way to defer capital gains tax on the sale of royalty or mineral interests is through a 1031 Exchange. 1031 refers to the section in the IRS code that allows mineral owners to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of their mineral or royalty rights when exchanged for another qualifying property. The 1031 […]