Start treating your asset as a true investment vehicle.

The old adage, “Never sell your minerals and royalties…” is an antiquated way of thinking when big money and corporations are taking advantage of this growing asset class. It is time individuals, families and family trusts start paying attention and treat it as a true investment vehicle.

Using intelligent analytics, industry foresight, and our trusted network of reputable end buyers, we guarantee top-level offers if you are considering selling your mineral interests.

As a mineral and/or royalty owner it is your right and within your power to keep all of your assets, divest only a percentage, or sell all your mineral rights. If you decide to sell a percentage or all of your mineral and/or royalty interests, Venergy will build the framework to properly and thoroughly get your interest ready for market by preparing a comprehensive Mineral & Royalty Prospect Proposal. As part of our representation service, Venergy will perform extensive due diligence including, but not limited to:

With the full report and presentation ready for market, Venergy captures every detail to maximize advantages to bring only fair and above market offers. This saves time by weeding out low-offer players and it also gives you the upper hand to ensure you receive offers from reputable, qualified purchasers. No multi-chain brokers, or “get-rich-quick” flippers.


Our Selling Process

01. Complimentary Consultation

We will discuss your needs, wants, and expectations based on the information provided to us about your asset and situation.

02. Analyze Your Interests

After your consultation and receipt of requested documents, Venergy will take a deeper dive into the facts. We will examine past and current Operator well activity, perform a thorough review of revenue statements, investigate any title issues, and review county data, etc. so we know as many details as possible about your asset(s).

03. Create a Strategy

With a complete understanding of your interest(s), Venergy will create a customized proposal for market exposure. Knowing how to present your asset is one of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy. With a first-class presentation and expert industry knowledge of your interest(s), Venergy is prepared to represent and negotiate with buyers on your behalf to get you the results you deserve.

04. Initiate Market Exposure

Being in the industry for 15 years pays off. Our reputable buyer network knows they can expect the best from Venergy. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing your asset while keeping you informed all the way to make the process as transparent and painless as possible.

05. Lead Negotiations & Close the Deal

We have experienced nearly every scenario so you can leave the problem-solving and strategy negotiations to us. You will never have to deal with low ball offers, back and forth emails and phone calls with pesky middlemen. When you have proper representation from an industry professional, the chances of you getting taken advantage of and receiving sub-par offers is significantly reduced. Rest assured your deal will be closed with confidence and satisfaction. Read our 5-star Google reviews and client testimonials.

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