Feeling Wronged? We Can Help Make It Right.

Disputes in title not only occur with Operators, but also between mineral and royalty owners who own interest under the same tract of land.

Fixed versus floating royalty reservations, language interpretation during a past or present conveyance of rights, and recent developments in caselaw have significant impact on your payouts then and now.

Discrepancies will undoubtably find their way into how your royalties are distributed and you could be eligible for back pay.

We have experience gathering, analyzing, and presenting the facts to help our clients get back what they deserve.


How to find out if you own mineral rights?

Venergy’s team will get straight to work pouring through chains of title and deeds from the county courthouses where your minerals and/or royalties are located. Sifting through documents that can range back to the mid-1800’s requires a trained eye, time, and attention to detail. We know the drill at these courthouses and the processes needed to provide our clients with professional, easy-to-understand mineral and royalty ownership reports.

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