Oil and Gas Consulting and Education

With Venergy consulting, you can receive up-to-date industry intel and honest advice, including: Market Research and Trends, Asset Analysis, Operator & Area Activity, and recommendations for next steps.


Mineral and Royalty Appraisals

Every Mineral & Royalty Appraisal is a comprehensive report developed by our Certified Petroleum Engineer.


Inherited Minerals and Royalties

We can help you navigate mineral and royalty ownership.


Sell Minerals and Royalties

Start treating your assets as a true investment vehicle.


Buy Minerals and Royalties

Own them forever. No monthly expenditures.


Title & Revenue Discrepancy

Feeling wronged? We can help make it right.


Land and Title

Our land and title services include comprehensive reports and expert services such as abstracting, title research, leasing negotiations, and GIS and mapping. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you understand and navigate your mineral and royalty ownership, giving you the power to make informed decisions.


Separation of Mineral and Royalty Estate

We offer services to help families divide mineral and royalty estates in a simple and efficient manner. Our experienced mediators can assist with the process and help families navigate any challenges that may arise.