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Empowering Your Mineral And Royalty Interests 

I’m Kyle D. Venema, the founder of Venergy Momentum Oil and Gas. Founded in 2014, we specialize in  oil and gas mineral and royalty education and consulting for land, mineral, royalty and non-op working interest owners within key regions, including the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale, Austin Chalk, Haynesville Shale, and the Permian Basin. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to expand our service area  to the Bakken Shale, Utica/Marcellus Shale, Niobrara Shale, Barnett Shale, and the Woodford Shale.

About Venergy Momentum Oil And Gas

Our Comprehensive Services:

At Venergy Momentum Oil and Gas, we offer a wide array of services designed to meet your needs:

- Mineral And Royalty Consulting And Education:

We provide expert guidance on mineral and royalty matters while equipping you with the knowledge to effectively manage your interests, including aspects like mineral rights sale and mineral rights valuation.

- Current And Retrospective Appraisals:

We deliver premium appraisal services for your assets, ensuring their accurate valuation. A Retrospective Appraisal is essential for inherited mineral rights. Learn more about why in this short video.

- Assistance With Inherited Minerals And Royalties:

We can help you understand your newly  inherited assets. Whether you decide to retain them or explore selling options for mineral rights, we can also help you navigate potential tax implications with our Retrospective Appraisal services.

- Resolving Title And Revenue Discrepancies:

Due to our understanding of Texas mineral rights laws, our dedicated experts can help  resolve title and revenue-related issues, offering clarity about your ownership and ensuring you receive accurate payments. Buying and Selling Mineral and Royalty Interests:

With an impressive track record reflected in over two dozen 5-star Google Reviews and glowing client testimonials, we maintain a stellar reputation for facilitating the acquisition and sale of mineral and royalty interests, whether it’s about buying mineral rights or negotiating effective deals.

Challenging The Old Wisdom: "Never Sell Your Minerals"

In today’s dynamic landscape, the longstanding wisdom of “never sell your minerals” has become outdated. Owning minerals and royalties involves significant responsibilities, as these are investments that should be treated as such and not as family heirlooms. 

Effective mineral and royalty management necessitates both knowledge and active involvement with your  assets. Keeping an eye on your royalty statements while also having an ear to the ground where your interests are located is being proactive and smart. Doing nothing except passively collecting royalty checks can result in many missed lucrative opportunities.

We Help Solve The Critical Issues Mineral And Royalty Owners Face

Our mission involves assisting mineral and royalty owners in addressing several critical issues, including:

- Identify The Specific Types Of Interest You Own:

Providing clarity on the specific types of interests you hold is crucial to preventing incorrect or missed payments. Furthermore, if you decide to sell your interests, understanding these nuances is essential to maximize the potential value of your asset and avoid devaluation, especially in complex scenarios like negotiating mineral rights.

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Mineral And Royalty Management

- Provide Insights Into Your Asset Development, Operators, And Wells:

Gaining valuable insights into your asset’s development stage is a critical component of assessing its potential value. Equally essential is understanding the operators and their performance indicators, which are based on good activity. This knowledge enables you to comprehend the overall health and worth of your assets, a key aspect when considering oil and gas royalties.

- Teach You How To Manage Your Assets:

Once you are fully aware of what you own, we offer guidance on how to effectively manage your mineral and royalty interests in the future, ensuring you’re well-informed about aspects like surface rights vs. mineral rights.

What Sets Venergy Momentum Apart

Venergy Momentum stands out from traditional oil and gas companies and other consulting firms in that we have over two dozen 5-star Google reviews and client testimonials. 

When it comes to selling minerals and royalties, we are selective in the projects we undertake. Not all deals pass our rigorous evaluation process.We have a solid reputation in the industry as a trustworthy partner with a high success rate for buyers and sellers.

We are the first step on your way to owning and managing your minerals and royalties with the best industry knowledge. 

Schedule a complimentary consultation to start looking into what your assets can do for you. 

Services We Offer:

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