Landman, Lawyer, or Trustee?

Eeenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo…. In the U.S. it is very common to inherit minerals and royalties from one generation to the next, although they can be transacted, or bought and sold, like any other form of real estate. Those who have become mineral and royalty owners upon inheritance, or as investors new to the business, […]


Hedging Inflation with Minerals and Royalties

Are mineral rights a good investment? Buying Mineral and Royalty Interests as a Hedge Against Inflation Many investors have started to think seriously about gobbling up any investment that could act as a hedge against inflation. It is a topic that should be on most minds, investor or not, at this juncture in time because […]


Shhhh…Personal Advice from a Landman

Hey all! Thanks for taking the next 5–7 minutes to read this hush-hush article. I’ve provided a few tips to help you get educated on the management of your oil and gas assets, the people you may have to work with, and what to look out for.   In-House vs. Independent Landman – what’s the […]

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Drilling Methods 101: Conventional (Vertical) vs. Unconventional (Horizontal)

Vertical/Conventional Drilling Vertical, or conventional drilling has been used since the 1800’s to extract gas from reservoirs deep within the earth. Quite simply, it is just that – a well that is drilled straight down (or vertical) into the earth. Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to set up drilling operations above a natural gas […]


Understanding Net Mineral Acres and Net Royalty Acres

Welcome back, friends! I find myself explaining the differences between Net Mineral Acres (NMA) and Net Royalty Acres (NRA) to a lot of my clients and for good reason. These terms are used a lot in the industry yet most owners don’t know what they mean, if they own NMA or NRA, and how to […]


Should I sell my minerals and royalties?

This is a question I get asked very often. Most of the time, clients want to know because they have started to receive offers and/or they are receiving increasing offer amounts for their interests from mineral buyers. This has especially been the case as the price of oil has reached new highs lately. For others, […]